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Welcome to RAIN (Raise Angel Investor Network), where visionary investors and ambitious entrepreneurs unite to propel the next wave of innovation in India. We are a vibrant community of disruptors, pouring our expertise and resources into nurturing start-ups and creating an ecosystem that fosters collaboration and success. Join us as we make dreams take flight and paint the sky with transformative ideas. Together, let's embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and make a lasting impact. Welcome to RAIN, where innovation reigns supreme.

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Our Services

Deal Sourcing and Screening

RAIN actively source and evaluate potential investment opportunities. We identify promising Start-Ups through various channels, including referrals, partnerships, and their own network connections. Our service ensures that investors have access to a curated selection of high-potential ventures.

Due Diligence

RAIN conduct thorough due diligence on Start-Ups before presenting them to investors. Our process involves assessing the Start-Up's business model, market potential, financials, intellectual property, team, and other critical factors. By performing due diligence, the network helps investors make informed investment decisions.

Investor Education and Networking

RAIN often organize events, workshops, and educational sessions to enhance investor knowledge and skills. These programs cover topics such as angel investing strategies, industry trends, portfolio management, and legal considerations. Additionally,our networks provide networking opportunities for investors to connect, learn from each other, and potentially collaborate on investment opportunities.

Deal Structuring and Negotiation

RAIN assist investors in structuring investment deals. We provide guidance on valuation, deal terms, and investment instruments such as iSAFE, convertible notes (CCD) or priced round. Networks help facilitate negotiations between investors and Start-Ups to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial agreement.

Portfolio Management

RAIN may offer portfolio management services to investors. They help investors track their investments, monitor Start-Up progress, and provide periodic updates on the portfolio's performance. Our service ensures that investors stay informed and can actively manage their investment portfolio.

Mentorship and Support for Start-Ups

RAIN provide mentorship and support services to Start-Ups in their network. They offer guidance on various aspects of business development, strategy, marketing, and operations. Our support helps Start-Ups navigate challenges, refine their business models, and accelerate growth.

Follow-on Investment Opportunities

RAIN often facilitate follow-on investment opportunities for Start-Ups that show significant progress and require additional funding. Our service enables investors to continue their support for promising Start-Ups as they scale and expand.

Exit Strategy and Liquidity Options

: Angel networks assist investors in developing exit strategies for their investments. They provide guidance on potential exit routes such as acquisition, initial public offering (IPO), or secondary market sales. Networks help investors explore liquidity options and maximize returns on their investments.

Pitch Deck Preparation

RAIN offer support in preparing and refining pitch decks for Start-Ups. We provide guidance on creating a compelling and concise presentation that effectively communicates the start-up's value proposition, market opportunity, competitive advantage, and financial projections. Assistance with pitch deck preparation ensures that Start-Ups can effectively showcase their potential to investors.

Investment Consultation

RAIN provide investment consultation services to investors. We offer expert advice on investment strategies, portfolio diversification, risk management, and due diligence best practices. Consultation sessions help investors make informed decisions, align their investment goals, and navigate the complexities of angel investing.

Time to go through the purple patch.


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